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Six months from the big day, you are advised to go to bed before 11 to keep your skin healthy and radiant. Besides that, try to take light food, avoiding overly greasy, salty, bitter and spicy foods. Load up on low calories, high fiber foods like fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. It not only will help you lose weight, it also helps your skin look fantastic because they're antioxidant-packed. Avoiding supper.Eating slowly, which can help your stomach to digest, because the stomach problems is likely reflected on the skin. Try to drink plenty of water, it is very helpful to the skin.

A two months count down to your wedding day, the skin care is very important, such as the maintenance of regular body massage, attaining, exfoliation, especially applying mask.Applying mask at home helps to keep skin moisturized. But do not apply a mask more than 20 minutes and do not apply it to sleep. Applying toner and moisturizer after wash off the mask. Warm water is the best to use to wash your face, because if it's too cold, the pores are difficult to open and it cannot wash away dirt and oil, if it's too hot, it will damage your skin.

A moisturized skin helps on perfect makeup,so brides to be, do not be lazy, be put on mask ^^

从婚礼6个月前开始,就要规定自己最好每天晚上11点以前要睡觉,让肌肤得以充分休息。饮食方面,要以 清淡的食物为主,避免过度油腻、咸、苦、辛辣等刺激性的食物,餐餐不要过饱,水果一定要吃,千万要杜绝宵夜。吃东西时细嚼慢咽,拉长用餐时间,这样可以帮 助肠胃消化,因为肠胃出问题,也很容易反应在肤质上。尽量多喝水,补充水分,这对皮肤有很大帮助。

婚期两个月前的皮肤保养很重要,如定期进行全身按摩保养、敷脸、去角质,尤其是勤敷脸。在家中敷面膜,保持肌肤的水嫩光 滑并且美白。但要注意的是,每次敷脸最好不要超过20分钟,也不可敷着面膜睡觉,20分钟后洗掉面膜,上化妆水、保湿乳液或晚霜后再准备入睡,这是完整的 护肤步骤。同时,洗脸时使用的水温最好与体温相近,因为太凉会让毛细孔难以张开,污垢不易脱落,太热则会破坏皮脂膜伤害肌肤。

拥有补充水分的肌肤,是完美彩妆的基础,所以,准新娘们,不要偷懒,要敷面膜哦 ^^